Message from the President


  Your visit to our website as we honor it is for sure that we grow the best in the art of French living, love the service and the taste of home.

  New generation of passionate entrepreneurs, Europe VIP Services has shaped all its departments - Car rental with driver - hire private jets & yachts - VIP events - events company - close protection and concierge service, to present his philosophy and reconcile economic development and social progress.

  VIP nothing is more important to human resources, including all the stakeholders of the company are with you guarantee our success. The excellence of the service we owe to our customers and partners require that everyone has good operating conditions for best exercised his profession.

Message from the President
Historically, Europe VIP Services privileges the quality of care and service and that is why we have adapted regular measurements that ensure our level of quality, which I hope will meet your expectations.

  Thanks to your trust, all our staff will open the doors to a world of friendliness, service and exceptional. This is why we wanted to update our website to better meet your needs by presenting the full range of our services.

  Let yourself be guided by your wishes and wish you a pleasant visit on our Internet portal,

  Thank you for your trust,